The Premiere of Amazon’s The Rings of Power

Written by on September 1, 2022

September 2, 2022 is the premiere of the long awaited The Rings of Power, Amazon Studios’ foray into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s middle-earth. There are a lot of opinions on how good or bad the series will be and some informed opinions of just how far content creators should go in interpreting or re-interpreting Tolkien’s middle-earth and the many stories that evolved out of it.

At Heroes and Mortals, we’re big fans of creatives taking a stab at telling the many tales that take place in middle-earth, and we look forward to many more from many more people. Whatever your take is after you’ve had a chance to watch the entire series, we hope you enjoy it, and more importantly, that it gives you a reason to return to, or for the first time, read Tolkien’s original works. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and many other stories that he wrote.  They can all be enjoyed in many formats and interpretations, but are always best enjoyed directly from The Professor himself.

For more films that take place in middle-earth, give our post “The Big List of Middle-earth Films and TV Shows” a read for every popular and obscure middle-earth film we could find.

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