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Elven Awakenings – Chatting with The Elven Scholar
Discussing all things Elven.
Host: Dr. Earendil Spindelilus, The Elven Scholar.

Encounters with Strangeness
Tales of encounters with Faerie, Fae, Ghosts, and other Strange Folk.
Host: Kitty.

Book Reviews by K Fox
Book reviews of your favorite fantasy and science-fiction books by your favorite authors.
Host: K Fox

Neighborhood Watch Top 5
Local Portland movie critics give us their 5 minute top 5 servings of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror flicks.
Hosts: Peter and Dr.K

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New iOS App now available!

The Heroes and Mortals Radio App, for iPhone and iPad, is now available in the Apple App Store! Want to listen to epic music but you have to hunt mushrooms and fairy wings for a magic brew?  Storming the castle but need pillaging and plundering tunes to keep you motivated? Now you can with the HAMR App. […]

Heroes and Mortals Interviews

Listen to interviews with authors and artists in the Heroes and Mortals Interview Series.


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