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Handcrafted fantasy and sci-fi inspired letterpress cards and custom prints.

Visit our Etsy Shop for handmade letterpress cards for Hobbits, Elves, Vikings, D&D players, fans of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Stranger Things, custom art cards, stationary, bookmarks, coasters, mugs and more.

About Mythril Made

To keep our radio station 100% ad free, we created Mythril Made, a print shop specializing in handcrafted letterpress cards and unique prints, designed by us or commissioned/partner artists and printed by us and our own Master Printer on an over 60 year old letterpress printer using the same techniques Gutenberg used over 600 years ago. We take great care in creating all our products, using eco-friendly cotton paper and soy inks when possible, and all in an effort to create the highest quality and unique, fantasy and sci-fi inspired letterpress cards and prints available. We operate out of Portland, OR, USA and have been working in the design and print industries for many years. We have a catalog of new products in the pipeline so come back soon, check out what’s new, and visit our Etsy shop at mythrilmade.etsy.com to purchase or see our full line of products.

Featured Products

Middle-Earth Cards

Rumi In Elvish for Tengwar Lovers
Dungeons Deep, The Hidden Door to Dwarfdom (coming soon)
Hobbit-Inspired My Favorite Things
Scenes at the Shire (coming soon)

Artist Cards

Anita Inverarity: “Rashiecoats” and “Cat Sookins”
Gill Rippingale: “Follow Your Dreams” and “Suffer Not the Sun or Moon…”
Gabe: Gallery of Heroes, for D&D Players
Lily: Gallery of Heroes, Kid Artists: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Heroes

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, History Cards

Vikings and Old Norse with Handmade Paper

Holiday and Christmas Cards

Have Yourself a Merry Shire Christmas
Game of Thrones Inspired Christmas is Coming
Star Wars Inspired May the Force be with You this Holiday Season
Victorian Christmas Cards, Full color, non-letterpress


Shire Homes
Shire Homes in Winter


Cardboard: Arthur Rackham Illustrationed Designs from Wagner’s “Ring” Epic
Rubber: Homes of the Shire
Rubber: Homes of the Shire in Winter
Rubber: Shire Doors
Rubber: Prancing Pony Porter
Ceramic Tiles (coming soon)


Map of Middle-Earth


Homes of the Shire in Winter
Shire Doors
The Hidden Door to Dwarfdom: Thermal Changing Mug


Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art Prints – 4 Sets
Letterpress Stationary: Arthur Rackham Illustrated Fantasy Designs – 6 Sets
Letterpress Stationary: Fantasy in Foil – 4 Sets (coming soon)
Letterpress Stationary: Hidden Worlds (coming soon)
Letterpress Stationary: Fantasy Designs – 3 Sets (coming soon)
Letterpress Stationary: Nature – 2 Sets (coming soon)


Coming soon!

Totes and Bags

Totebag: Not all those who wander are lost. Some are shopping.
Totebag: Not all those who wander are lost. Some are browsing.

Wine Bottle Bag: Pairs Well with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Unexpected Guests

We have many more products we’re experimenting with and working on, please check back soon for more!

What some of our customers say:

This is my third or fourth purchase from this business and I absolutely love their cards. The quality is exceptional, the card met my the description and exceeded my expectations.
– Lauren

Super high quality and exceeded my expectations. It is a flawless match and I love it. It more than met my expectations. Highly recommend.
– Jarrod

Outstanding card! Will absolutely purchase from seller again. Lightning fast shipping, and came in great condition.
– Adam

Beautifully made, quick shipping and even received a personalized note inside the package. This is definitely where I’ll be ordering my cards from here on! Thank you!
– Tabitha

I needed this card in 7 days and got an immediate answer about when I should get it when I messaged the seller. I got the card, I think, only 3 days after my purchase. It’s beautiful and one of a kind and so grateful to have found it!
– Amanda

Beautiful card I will be proud to give. So many LOTR inspired cards were so goofy. But this card is artful with a lovely sentiment. Came with a bonus little charm I will include for the bride
– Michele

Beautiful cards and well crafted! We ordered these for our wedding thank you cards, and the seller gave us some extra cards too! Strongly recommend!
– Teil

Exceeds expectations! A truly beautiful card. Carefully packaged. Will mark this shop as a favorite. Thank you!
– Kaiden

Some photos and videos of our letterpress card making process…check back often, there are more to come!

Shop our store at mythrilmade.etsy.com

New products are coming online soon.  Visit our shop front often to see what’s new and sign-up for our Newsletter below.

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