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Heading out for adventure? It’s time to gear up!

Visit our Etsy Shop for hand-made letterpress cards for Elves, Vikings, D&D players, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Stranger Things fans, custom art cards, stationary, and more.

Beautifully made, quick shipping and even received a personalized note inside the package. This is definitely where I’ll be ordering my cards from here on! Thank you!

– Tabitha

Featured Products

Hobbit-inspired, “These are a few of my favorite things”, Letterpress Card

Individual or a Bundle of 6

These are a few of my favorite things.
The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, The Silmarillion, Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, Balrogs (kinda), definitely second breakfast, pints, pipeweed, bacon, the Shire, did I mention second breakfast?
But most of all …
YOU! (inside of card)

New Card Line: Galaxy of Heroes – Star Wars and Stranger Things-inspired Letterpress Cards

Individual or Bundle of 6:
Stranger Things-inspired “On a Scale of 1-10, You’re an 11”
Star Wars-inspired “Wookie Here! Another Thing to Celebrate”
Star Wars-inspired “Baby, Yoda One!”

These cards were designed by the 10-year old artist, Lily, who was inspired to create these by some of her favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows!

About Heroes and Mortals and MythrilMade

To keep our radio station 100% ad free, we have created MythrilMade, a print-shop specializing in hand-crafted letterpress cards, designed by us or commissioned artists and printed by our own Master Printer on an over 60 year old letterpress printer using the same techniques Gutenberg used over 600 years ago. We take great care in creating all our cards, using eco-friendly cotton paper and soy inks, and all in an effort to create the highest quality and unique, fantasy and sci-fi inspired letterpress cards available. We operate out of Portland, OR, USA and have been working in the design and print industries for many (many!) years. We have a catalog of fantasy and sci-fi inspired products in the pipeline so come back soon, check out what’s new, and visit our Etsy shop to purchase or see our full line of products.

Rumi In Elvish for Tengwar Lovers, Letterpress Cards

Set of all 6 Cards, or select individual cards:
Courage, Hope, Light, Love, Peace, Wound.

Vikings and Old Norse: 6 Viking Themed, Hand-crafted Letterpress Cards

6 “Cat Sookins” and “Rashiecoats” 2 color Hand-crafted Letterpress Cards with artwork by Anita Inverarity

Set of 6 Cards (3 of each), or select individual cards:
Rashiecoats, Cat Sookins.

6 “Follow Your Dream” and “Suffer Not the Sun or Moon” Hand-crafted Letterpress Cards with artwork by Gill Rippingale

Gallery of Heroes: 6 Dungeons and Dragons-Style Character Class, Hand-crafted Letterpress Cards

Set of 6 Cards (2 of each), or select individual cards:
Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard.

Letterpress Stationary: Arthur Rackham Fantasy Designs

Stationary: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art Prints

Arthur Rackham’s “Wagner’s Ring” Illustrated Coaster Set

Some photos and videos of our letterpress card making process…check back often, there are more to come!

New products are coming online soon.  Visit our shop front often to see what’s new and sign-up for our Newsletter below.

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