Mythic Tales of Hope with The Elven Scholar

Written by on December 18, 2021

New Show Premiere: Sunday Dec. 19th at 2:30pm!

The Elven Scholar, host of the popular Elven Awakenings live show, is hosting another show for fans of elves, elvenkind, and other fairy folk.

Mythic Tales of Hope with The Elven Scholar, poetry and stories from elves, fae, and otherkind will air this Sunday, Dec. 19th at 2:30pm Pacific, then every Sunday at 3pm Pacific.

Readings of elven and fairy folk literature from his own vast library, reader submissions, or found works, intercut with music and shorts from Heroes and Mortals Radio, to whisk you away to a world of wonder and fantasy.

Tune in weekly!

For more information, visit the Mythic Tales of Hope show page.

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