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Mythic Tales of Hope, by The Elven Scholar

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Tune in for an hour long, live, call-in radio show discussing all things Elven, including culture, diet, history, language and how to live as an Elf in your day to day modern life.

Elven Awakenings will also delve into the spiritual aspects of what it is to be Elven and how we can all find that Elven Light which shines within us all. Each hour will include topics on how we can re-awaken to our Elven spirit including meditation and manifestation. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and learning from each other.

Dr. Earendil Spindelilus, The Elven Scholar

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Elven Awakenings Episodes

Episode 1, October 10, 2021 : Welcome to Elven Awakenings

Episode 2, October 17, 2021 : Elven Manifestation

Episode 3, October 24, 2021 : Learning to Let Go

Episode 4, October 31, 2021 : Halloween Special

Episode 5, November 7, 2021: The Elven Concept of Time and Living in the Now

Episode 6, November 14, 2021: Healing The Elven Soul And Creating The New World

Episode 7, November 21, 2021: Elven Healing 101, Elven First Aid

Episode 8, November 28, 2021: When you awaken to your true self … and one is there. The loneliness for kindred souls.

Episode 9, December 5, 2021: Choosing a long Life as an Elf or as Gollum

Coming soon!

Learn more on his YouTube channel, The Gentle Musing of an Elven Scholar:
or visit Lambengolmor, The Elven School of Loremasters at to learn about Elven healing, cultural studies, and much more!


Want to let you know, I listened to your radio show today while I was cleaning out the “clutter” in my head, i.e. removing a bunch of unnecessary garbage holding me and my writing back. More about that later😊 Loved the content and format. It helped to regain my focus as I hope it did for others.

G from Oregon

As always, I loved everything in this episode! I could listen to you talk forever. I’d love to turn your poem into a song; I definitely shed tears when I heard it. So excited for next week’s episode! <3 Much love to you & your family.


Great show. Looking forward to more. Elven healing will be a blessing for many.


Mae govannen my Elven Brother, The show was very good today. Thank you.

Shawn from Canada

This was do amazing. To hear the word elf and Otherkin discusses seriously on an internet broadcast made me tear up! Beautiful show! It was very nice gearing about other stories other than Tolkien and fables that influenced this movement. Sorry I could not he there, but I am looking forward to the next one. Elven blessings to you.


Really appreciate how you explain stuff, and how balanced you are with it all. Thanks for the episode


It is so wonderful. I love it.

Eruanna from Estonia

Congrats on the first live broadcast Earendil and all involved! Wonderful <3 (Calantirniel)

Tia eldalieva

This show brought tears to my eyes! Since birth, I have been overwhelmed by fear, gripped in it for as long as I can remember, about pretty much everything! I can barely function most of the day due to it. It’s difficult to let go when almost all you can recall is fear, but I am doing my best. I’m glad you were able to answer a couple of my older questions, as well! It’s always wonderful to hear you speak.


A great & therapeutic episode! really liked the shinto story. looking forward to the Halloween special 🙂


Just found your channel. Nice!


As always, I loved everything in this episode! I could listen to you talk forever. I’d love to turn your poem into a song; I definitely shed tears when I heard it.


I feel always happier when I listen to you.

Eruanna from Estonia

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