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Elven Awakenings

Chatting with The Elven Scholar

Discussing all things Elven.

About Elven Awakenings and The Elven Scholar

Elven Awakenings discusses all things Elven, including culture, diet, history, language and how to live as an Elf in your day to day modern life. The show also delves into the spiritual aspects of what it is to be Elven and how we can all find that Elven Light which shines within us all by re-awakening your Elven spirit.

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Sundays at 1:00 PM

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The Gentle Musing of an Elven Scholar

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Dr. Earendil Spindelilus, The Elven Scholar

Lambengolmor, The Elven School of Loremasters

Join The Elven Scholar and others at Lambengolmor, The Elven School of Loremasters

Lambengolmor is the only online Elven College were you can learn the following:

  • Elven Healing Programs
  • Elven Cultural Studies Programs
  • Elven Manifestation Programs
  • Elven Science Programs
  • and more!

The Lambengolmor School of Elven Loremasters allows you to study in the comfort of your home while gaining certifications in the courses you choose.

Sign up or for more information visit:

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From there you can go to his many links such as his YouTube channel, blogs, websites and the school.

Shop for Elven Artifacts!
Products specifically made for elves, fairy folk, and otherkind.

Visit the Elven Artifacts shop site.

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