Holiday Hearth

Written by on December 19, 2019

Santa Claus

Celebrate the holidays with our stories of the season, fireplace specials, carols and more from December 20th – 25th!

Need to air your grievances?  Do it somewhere else, because at Heroes and Mortals Radio, it’s about celebrating the history, myth, contemporary music and festivities of the yule-time holiday season.  We have a special week long block of afternoon and evening holiday fare lined up, so light the fire (preferably in a fireplace), mix up some egg nog (don’t skimp on the extras!), relax, and tune in right here for an enjoyable (and safe!) holiday season of sounds.


December 20-24th 5pm -11pm PST

5pm-7pm: Stories of the Season

7pm-8pm: Holiday Special
Friday 12/20: Scarlett Rat Entertainment, “A Christmas Carol: The Radio Play”
Saturday 12/21: CBS Radio Workshop, “All Is Bright”
Sunday 12/22: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, “Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker”
Monday 12/23: Basil Rathbone, “A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens” followed by Joe Griffin’s music from A Klingon Christmas Carol “Feast of the Long Night”
Tuesday 12/24: Boris Karloff presents “The Year Without a Santa Claus” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

8pm-10pm: By the Fireplace

10pm-Midnight: Carols Old and New

Midnight-6am: Carols Old and New (Dec. 24th)



December 25th ALL DAY

6am-9am: Carols Old and New

9am-11am: Stories of the Season

11am-1pm: Carols Old and New

1pm-3pm: By the Fireplace

3pm-5pm: Carols Old and New

5pm-7pm: Stories of the Season

7pm-8pm: Carols Old and New

8pm-10pm: By the Fireplace

10pm-Midnight: Carols Old and New




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