HAMR: New Shows and Schedules Coming Feb. 13

Written by on February 6, 2022

We’ve been working on some new shows and special programs for Heroes and Mortals Radi0 to incorporate a broader range of new and old podcasts and radio shows. In addition to the popular Elven Awakenings and Encounters with the Good People shows on Sunday, we’re announcing the following new shows:

Book Reviews by K Fox

K Fox, who loves books and cats (two things we’re very fond of here as well), has been reviewing books on her YouTube channel for the past 2 years and has gained a loyal following. From Terry Pratchet, to Robert Jordan, to Ursula K. Le Guin, she reviews many of your favorite fantasy and science fiction books from your favorite authors. We’ll be airing her back catalog weekly here on HAMR.

Mythic Theatre

A weekly showcase of our favorite, classic, radio plays and programs from years past. Tales of Conan the Barbarian, Forbidden Planet, The Black Arrow, The Count of Monte Cristo, and many many more.

Heroes and Mortals Specials

A weekly airing of special interviews by ourselves and our program hosts, plays, and other unique and interesting content. We begin our Specials program on the 17th with an interview of B.G. Franklin, author of the fantasy book series Azelom.

Here is an overview of our new schedule (all times are Pacific Standard/Pacific Daylight Time).

Sundays (Starting February 13)

1:00 PM Elven Awakenings with the Elven Scholar
2:30 PM Encounters with the Good People
3:00 PM Book Reviews by K Fox
3:30 PM Mythic Theater

6:30 PM Elven Awakenings with the Elven Scholar
8:00 PM Encounters with the Good People
8:30 PM Book Reviews by K Fox
9:00 PM Mythic Theater

Tuesdays (Repeat of our Sunday shows)

8:00 AM Elven Awakenings with the Elven Scholar
9:30 AM Encounters with the Good People
10:00 AM Book Reviews by K Fox
10:30 AM Mythic Theater

Saturdays (Starting February 17)

7:00 PM Heroes and Mortals Specials

Come back every week to see which plays, specials, and shows are airing, then tune for new content.  If you like what you hear, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

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