FINDING JOE: A story about Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey, streaming for free.

Written by on July 20, 2020

The official full length version of FINDING JOE: A story about Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey has been made available on YouTube by the film’s producer, Patrick Solomon. The documentary features interviews and appearances by well know writers, actors, educators, and more, exploring the studies of famed mythologist, Joseph Campbell.

Mr. Solomon has made the film available for free as a gift to people during these challenging times, saying “I think the world could really use the message right now”.

You can watch the film below.

Reader's opinions
  1. Michele Szymborski   On   October 30, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    I was introduced to the diagram of the Hero’s journey; while attending a 5-day free on-line class, but I’d not read the book. The class helped me to recognized what I’d been living. For the past 5 years, I’ve felt lost while following my bliss. I’ve experienced enormous pain and struggles, but have never given up. This film made me realize where I am now – ash the point of reward/wisdom. I’ve been sharing, but holding back because of those dang dragons. At the beginning of October, I signed up for a 9 month Spiritual Psychology program named FEARCE. Ten years ago, I was a very sick women working as a leader in corporate America. Now, I’m a Spiritual entrepreneur, health coach, author and speaker. Tonight, while searching the web, I came across this film; true synchronicity based on what’s happening right now in my journey. I loved this film; how it explained the cycle and choices in our lives. It’s awakened and challenged me to step up even more. Like I’ve heard from others, I’m grateful for the enormous pain and struggles that have opened my mind, eyes, and heart.

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