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Upcoming Fantasy and Sci-fi films and tv shows in 2021

Written by on April 4, 2021

There is never a shortage of fantasy or sci-fi content to watch, but we always want more and to that end, we found a short list of some of the best shows and films that will hopefully be released by the end of 2021. If you know of others, please let us know in the comments.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation (Apple TV+)
Release date: Late 2021

Sweet Tooth (Netflix)
Release date: 2021

The Last of Us (HBO)
Proposed release date: 2021

Halo (Showtime)
Release date: early 2022

The Sandman (Netflix)
Release date: 2021

The Lord of the Rings Series (Amazon)
Release date: Late 2021

The Matrix 4 (Warner Bros.)
Release date: Late 2021

Reminiscence (Warner Bros.)
Release date: 2021

Dual (XYZ Films)
Release date: 2021

Battlestar Galactica (Peacock)
Proposed release date: 2021

Cowboy Bebop (Netflix)
Proposed release date: 2021

The above list was cribbed from this article at New Atlas which has more details and info on each release.

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