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Heroes and Mortals Radio Presents:

Mythic Theater

A weekly showcase of classic radio plays and programs from years past.

About Mythic Theater

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Sundays at 3:30 PM

Mythic Theater is a collection of classic radio plays, audio dramas, and programs from years past.  Some of the shows we’ll be airing weekly include:

Call Me Joe By Poul Anderson, Forbidden Planet, King Solomon’s Mines, The Sword in the Stone, Tales of Conan the Barbarian, The Black Arrow, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Room Where the Ghosts Live, and many more.

Shows range from 15 minutes to one hour.  Tune in every week for a new show!

Previous Episodes

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

An English scientist and inventor, simply referred to as the Time Traveler, hosts a dinner party for a number of guests. His time machine takes him forward in time to 802,701 AD where he encounters a society of small robed humanlike creatures called Eloi. As the protagonist gets better acquainted with the Eloi, he infers that they lack curiosity and are rather lazy. He also comes across the bestial subterranean nocturnal Morlocks, who he believes to have taken his time machine.

Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels is an adventure story involving several voyages of a ship’s surgeon, who because of a series of mishaps en route to recognized ports, ends up on several unknown islands living with people and animals of unusual sizes, behaviors, and philosophies, and recounting these adventures from his home in England.

The Mummy by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The chilling tale of a young undergraduate student who stumbles on to his neighbor’s dark plot to exact revenge on his enemies through the manipulation of an ancient Egyptian mummy. The tale twists together frightening action sequences, mythic Eastern intrigue, and compelling Victorian power struggles across the landscape of Oxford University.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

When a UFO lands in Washington, D.C., bearing a message for Earth’s leaders, all of humanity stands still. Klaatu has come on behalf of alien life who have been watching Cold War-era nuclear proliferation on Earth. But it is Klaatu’s soft-spoken robot Gort that presents a more immediate threat to onlookers. A single mother and her son teach the world about peace and tolerance in this moral fable, ousting the tanks and soldiers that greet the alien’s arrival.

The Light Princess by George MacDonald

A king and queen, after some time, have a daughter. The king invites everyone to the christening, except his sister Princess Makemnoit, a spiteful and sour woman. She arrives without an invitation and curses the princess to have no gravity. Whenever the princess accidentally moves up in the air, she has to be brought down, and the wind is capable of carrying her off. As she grows, she never cries, and never can be brought to see the serious side of anything. The court philosophers, when consulted, are unable to propose any cure that the king and queen will suffer to be used.

The Hall of Fantasy – The Shadow People

Distraught at the death of her beloved father, a young woman turns to a self avowed authority on the unknown and paranormal to protect her from the dark forces she believes murdered him. But if death really does lurk in every shadow, how can she defeat it and defend herself?

Aldous Leonard Huxley: Brave New World

From the CBS Radio Workshop – Cloning, feel-good drugs, anti-aging programs, and total social control through politics, programming, and media: has Aldous Huxley accurately predicted our future? With a storyteller’s genius, he weaves these ethical controversies in a compelling narrative that dawns in the year 632 A.F. (After Ford, the deity). When Lenina and Bernard visit a savage reservation, we experience how Utopia can destroy humanity.

The Black Arrow

A radio drama based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, and published in 1888. If like us, you love the old stories of Knights, and Ladies in waiting, and high adventure along with political intrigue then you’ll enjoy this one! The Black Arrow tells the story of Richard (Dick) Shelton during the Wars of the Roses: how he becomes a knight, rescues his lady Joanna Sedley, and obtains justice for the murder of his father, Sir Harry Shelton. Outlaws in Tunstall Forest organized by Ellis Duckworth, whose weapon and calling card is a black arrow, cause Dick to suspect that his guardian Sir Daniel Brackley and his retainers are responsible for his father’s murder. Dick’s suspicions are enough to turn Sir Daniel against him, so he has no recourse but to escape from Sir Daniel and join the outlaws of the Black Arrow against him. This struggle sweeps him up into the greater conflict surrounding them all.

Ray Bradbury: The Wind

Meteorologist John Colt travels to the Valley of the Winds in Tibet and finds the place where the winds gather to plan their destruction. When the winds realize he knows too much, they come after him in his home and seek to absorb him and add their voice to those of all the others they have killed.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The story begins in May 1863, at the Lidenbrock house in Hamburg, Germany. Professor Otto Lidenbrock dashes home to peruse his latest antiquarian purchase, an original runic manuscript of an Icelandic saga written by Snorri Sturluson, “Heimskringla”, a chronicle of the Norwegian kings who ruled over Iceland. While leafing through the book, Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel find a coded note written in runic script along with the name of a 16th-century Icelandic alchemist, Arne Saknussemm. Once translated it reads, “Go down into the crater of Snaefells Jökull, which Scartaris’s shadow caresses just before the calends of July, O daring traveler, and you’ll make it to the center of the earth. I’ve done so. Arne Saknussemm.”

Jason and the Golden Fleece

In this fictional tale, based on supposed true events, it figures in the tale of the hero Jason and his crew of Argonauts, who set out on a quest for the a golden fleece by order of King Pelias, in order to place Jason rightfully on the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly. Through the help of Medea, they acquire the Golden Fleece. The story is of great antiquity and was current in the time of Homer (eighth century BC). It survives in various forms, among which the details vary.

Alien Worlds- Death Song

The ISA, or International Space Authority, is a governing body of space development and exploration. Organized by all earth nations, it advances humans into deep space. Their base is officially named “The Arthur C. Clarke Astronomical Observatory” or “Starlab”. Commissioner White commands the base, and under his command aboard Starlab are Research Director Dr. Maura Cassidy along with Starlab’s Director of Operations, Jerry Lyden, and two ISA pilots affectionately known as “rocket jockies”, Captains Jon Graydon and Buddy Griff.

Death Takes a Holiday

After years of questioning why people fear him, Death takes on human form for three days so that he can mingle among mortals and find an answer. He finds a human guide, and after revealing himself and his intentions , he takes up temporary residence with his host. However, Death falls in love with the beautiful young woman. As he does so, her father, who also happens to be his earthly guide and host, begs him to give her up and leave her among the living.

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