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Heroes and Mortals Radio!

Epic Fantasy and Sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

We believe one can find inspiration in the stories that evolve out of fantasy, sci-fi, history, myth and the hero’s journey. To share that belief, we built a radio station that pulls from our favorite films, stories, musicians, and artists who have adventured into, and sometimes out of, the mythical and historical worlds that inspire us all. Tune in, and join us for an epic adventure!

News, Events, and Mythical Musings

Celebrate Bilbo (and Frodo’s) Birthday on September 22nd!

Tune in September 22nd, 6pm – 11pm PDT for a special music in middle-earth celebration! The Hobbit, released on September 21, 1937 turns 86 this Thursday, and Friday, we celebrate Bilbo’s 111th birthday with a party of special magnificence, an evening of music from middle-earth! Every year on Sept. 22nd we celebrate Hobbit Day with […]

New Middle-Earth Inspired Products from Mythril Made

The hobbits have been hard at work at Mythril Made (the print shop side of Heroes and Mortals Radio) and we’ve just released a slew of new products in our Etsy shop with more on the way! Most of our new products feature unique water-color style artwork of shire scenes but all are inspired by […]

The Doom of the Noldor: Silmarillion Soundtrack by AlexSonics Premieres July 7, 2023!

Some of you may remember our interview with Alex Langenbach about a year ago, a ridiculously talented musician and artist who was working on his own interpretation of the Silmarillion put to music. His studio, AlexSonics, will be releasing The Doom of the Noldor, a soundtrack for the Silmarillion on Friday, July 7, 2023!  Listen […]

Celebrate with us! Tolkien Reading Day, March 25th

Every year we celebrate Tolkien Reading Day with a day(s) long mythic and musical event, join us March 24-26, 2023!

Speak “Alexa, Play Heroes Radio”, and enter.

Like to talk to your technology?  Now you can ask it to “Alexa, Play Heroes Radio” on your Amazon Alexa apps and devices to tune in and listen to Heroes and Mortals Radio without lifting a finger or traveling over the Caradhras to the Mines of Moria! We’ve now added an Amazon Alexa Skill to […]

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Find a Show!

We play a variety of content here at HAMR, scroll through our shows below, find one that suits your adventuring style, then click for more information and specific show times.

Call to Adventure
Call to Adventure

Daily, every morning.
An upbeat mix of pop, rock, and movie and game tracks to start your day. Late morning we break from the music for a block of our “Talk and Tales” segment of book reviews, stories, and classic radio dramas.

Hero's Journey
Hero's Journey

Daily, every afternoon
Action, adventure, and dramatic cues from your favorite popular and contemporary songs, then we close the daytime tunes out with boss fights and big battle songs from your favorite movie and game soundtracks.

Talk and Tales
Talk and Tales

Daily, late mornings and an extended block on Sundays
Book reviews, classic sci-fi radio dramas, the lives of elves, fae, and the otherkind, in a series of short contemporary and classic programming hosted by HAMR and our Community Partners.


Every evening and late night
Drift away to the starlight trances of the elves with soothing songs inspired by the many worlds we all travel in to find peace.

Sci-Fi Journeys
Sci-Fi Journeys

Monday nights, 6pm-11pm
A night of themed music curated specifically around science fiction and space. From classic and progressive rock, film scores, to contemporary tracks from your favorite sci-fi games.

Tolkien Tuesdays
Tolkien Tuesdays

Tuesday nights, 6pm-11pm
Transport yourself to middle-earth with a collection of music inspired by the books, tv shows, and films of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Fantastic Journey
Fantastic Journeys

Wednesday nights, 6pm-11pm
It’s fantasy night! Classic rock, metal, and deep cuts from your favorite fantasy-inspired artists.

Progressive Visions
Progressive Visions

Thursday nights, 6pm-11pm
Classic and progressive rock, metal, and more, featuring fantasy and science fiction themes.

Northern Lights
Sword & Sorcery

Friday nights, 5pm-11pm
Music for high adventure from folk to metal to classic movie and game soundtracks.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Saturday nights, 5pm-11pm
Celtic celebrations and Nordic nights dominate the rock, pop, metal, and prog of Northern Lights.

Crystal Sanctum
Crystal Sanctum

Sunday mornings, 7:30am-9:30am
Enter a calming meditative space with the ambient sounds and electronic dreams of the new age.

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Epic Fantasy and Sci-fi radio forged from the heroes and mortals of history and myth!

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