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Elven Awakenings – LIVE

Chatting with The Elven Scholar, Discussing all things Elven

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Sunday 1:00 pm 2:30 pm

Elven Awakenings

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Elven Awakenings: Chatting with The Elven Scholar, Discussing all things Elven - Live

Elven Awakenings is an hour long, live, call-in radio show discussing all things Elven, including culture, diet, history, language and how to live as an Elf in your day to day modern life.

We will also delve into the spiritual aspects of what it is to be Elven and how we can all find that Elven Light which shines within us all. Each hour will include topics on how we can re-awaken to our Elven spirit including meditation and manifestation. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and learning from each other.

Note: The information and opinions discussed on all shows are for entertainment purposes only, all opinions are of the radio show host only, not that of Heroes and Mortals. Neither these shows nor Heroes and Mortals provide medical advice. We recommend all listeners and visitors consult their own medical professionals regarding any medical questions you have or medical opinions expressed on this radio show or website.

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