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If you’re a business that caters to the fantasy, sci-fi, and or, historical community and wish to advertise, we’re here for you. If you’re a business that doesn’t fit into the categories of sci-fi and fantasy but have a product you want to promote to those communities, we’re the right choice.

Heroes and Mortals Radio is an ever growing and expanding medium reaching a broad niche audience. The only 24/7 internet radio station of it’s kind we’re able to connect with an audience that traditional social media may not always engage with in a meaningful way.

Our rates are simple, as we tend to be very non-traditional and organic in our approach.

Cost Amount Format*
$50 50 30-second radio advertisements per month
$50 25 one minute advertisements per month
$100 100 30-second radio advertisements per month
$100 50 one minute advertisements per month

*Rates and advertisement amounts increase accordingly.

Sign up for a Radio ad and get a FREE banner ad on our website!

Grab a six month term and the first month is free! Contact us below for more information.

Contact us if you’re interested or have any questions. We’re pretty chill and will work with you.


Same requirements as advertisers, except your spots are free! If you have a gaming or tabletop group, are a community organization that meets and has events related to fantasy, sci-fi, or history and are not a tax paying company, organization or other legal entity that requires a city, state or other legal license to operate, give us a shout, we’ll help promote you…for FREE!

Notes and disclaimers:

  • You are free to provide your own advertisement audio file (mp3 format only) or we can have one professionally produced for a one time set up charge.
  • We reserve the right to refuse advertising that is not suitable or offensive.
  • We reserve the right to categorize your group or organization as an advertiser if we feel you do not fit the criteria of an organization for our free advertising offer.

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