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Heroes and Mortals Interviews

Heroes and Mortals Radio and our community partners interview interesting and creative artists in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  We air new interviews live when they occur and archive them below and on our YouTube channel.  Please give them a listen and more importantly, drop the artists a line and support them in their creative endeavors.

Interview Archive

Interview with Alex Langenbach

Composer of a Silmarillion inspired soundtrack.

Heroes and Mortals had the immense pleasure of meeting one of our own, a lover of music, Tolkien, and the rich world of middle-earth, in Alex Langenbach, a composer with an epic musical passion, the creation of a soundtrack to Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.

See all of Alex’s music on his YouTube channel at:

Read about the interview here or listen to it below:

Interview with B. G. Franklin

 Author of the Azelom series.

In the Age of Discovery, the mighty Rovart Dominion rules the world with an iron fist. Through brutal force and indoctrination, their empire has spread from the sprawling mountains and hills of Rovan in the east, across the Solemn Sea, to the mighty Afall Mountains in the west. On the far western edge of the empire, the young orphan Baric is raised by the village cook, Godfrey. Prophecy, peril, and fate align, casting Baric into a magical journey and adventure of a lifetime. The battle for freedom is sparked with a single flame, which rages into a fiery maelstrom as a people rise to fight a war for deliverance from tyranny.

Read about the interview here or listen below:

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